Grandma’s Farm

Grandma’s Farm

 Why Grandma’s Farm?

 I wanted my farm to have meaning, be timeless and something I could grow into that’s why I turned love for my grandma into a farm named in her honor and so our products have a unique taste – the taste of childhood.

Ferma de prepelite Ferma Bunicii

Grandma’s Farm

 Grandma’s Farm provides the best quality quail eggs and meat to its consumers without using growth hormones, antibiotics or different solutions injected by other farmers into the meat. Our farm provides a secure work environment by taking care of the lands and forests on site due to our permanent concerning for the environment.

We create sustainable solutions to generate only quality products satisfying the most exigent requirements and we turn providing of quality products into a top priority because of a high respect for our consumers. The vertical integration give us the capacity to maintain high standards and control the environment in which our birds are raised. We self support our functioning by producing eggs from our own reproduction birds and their incubation and we reduce the use of fertilizers for the local agriculture by spreading waste on agricultural land in the region. We reduce the energy consumption at minimum using ventilation, natural light and recycled products for quail bedding.

We support the local economy by investing in our region and helping families of the village with working jobs. We treat our birds in a responsible way and we take care of them by using quality feeds, enough space and a clean environment.

Grandma’s farm is an agro-industrial complex having also a vertical integration which means that we are fully involved in the entire production process that make us able to control the quality of every step in our activity, from egg to our final product. Quality and safety are checked in every phase by our experienced team whether it is incubation, raising or processing.