Ferma Bunicii

Ferma Bunicii este o ferma ecologică cu o capacitate de peste 20.000 de prepelițe Detalii »


Quail Farm

Quail Farm

 Quail Farm, Valcea County, Babeni Village

 The quail farm is situated in Valcea county, Babeni town, Paduretu village at the edge of Zmeoaica forest and it has a capacity of over 20.000 quails and a production of over 1.000.000 eggs per year.

The farm has a brooding quails department, a department of quails for meat, a reproduction and youth quail department, an incubation and hatching department, a processing eggs department, a slaughterhouse and own lab, all these meeting the legal requirements in force. The quails are raised in a healthy environment in the fresh air, with natural feeds and spring water and under maximum hygienic conditions.

Pui de Prepelita

This year we opened one of the most modern slaughterhouse in the country meeting all the European norms in force and we shall also sell chilled, frozen and smoked quail meat. Furthermore, we also produce boiled and peeled quail eggs that are packed in a jar or in a vacuum seal pack to be used as such or pickled.


The eggs, collected 3 times a day, are manually checked and packed in order to identify any problem related to the size and aspect and that is why we guarantee fresh eggs in any moment. We provide eggs and meat for persons, restaurants, catering companies, stores, supermarkets and next year we shall start export of eggs and meat.

This year we shall open another farm with a capacity of 50.000 birds with automatic feed and egg collection system. Next year we shall continue the investments by opening a complete automatic system to process quail guano as pellets to be used as an organic fertilizer in agriculture.

Sustainability is an important part of our company culture and we are completely responsible to our clients, employees and the community in which we live and work.

Ferma de Prepelite

Ferma de Prepelite, judetul Valcea, localitatea Babeni

Ferma Bunicii are in acest moment o capacitate de 100.000 de prepelite si o producție de peste 1.500.000 de oua pe luna devenind astfel cel mai important jucător,din acest segment, pe piața din Romania.
Începând cu Martie 2015 vom deschide un centru modern de procesare si abatorizare si vom lansa pe piața o gama mare de produse din carne si oua de prepelita.

Oua de prepelita